Shamika Shelton

Peace on Patuxent treasurer Shamika T. Shelton is an economist for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, where she focuses on natural gas pipelines. Previously, she was a regulatory economist for the Maryland Public Service Commission, focusing on energy conservation. Early in her career she was a program manager with the American Psychological Association, where she helped develop continuing education programs for post-doctoral psychologists. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Maryland.

While working for the Maryland Public Service Commission, she became an expert on low- and limited-income energy programs for Maryland residents, often testifying for the state of Maryland.

An avid volunteer, Shamika is also board president for her community association.

Shamika became involved with Peace on Patuxent after the loss of her mother to lung cancer. Her mom had been co-owner of the Patuxent Road property, and Shamika helped care for her here. These days, while visiting the property, Shamika has fond memories of her mother, and she looks forward to helping build Peace on Patuxent into an inspirational respite home for women dealing with cancer’s challenges.