Senita Hill is the accomplished Founder and CEO of Peace on Patuxent Inc. (POPi), a distinguished non-profit organization specializing in respite care. Her journey as a dedicated public servant and her passion for helping others led her to establish this remarkable initiative while continuing to serve in the government.

Senita’s roots in Prince George’s County, Maryland, provided the backdrop for her home-based commercial business, Peace on Patuxent, Inc.

This non-profit has gained widespread recognition, for its unwavering commitment of services to the community. 

Senita Hill is no stranger to the world of service, boasting over 20 years of experience within various facets of the Department of Commerce (DOC). Her illustrious career began in 2003 when she joined the Federal Government as an Executive Assistant with the Department of Commerce, specifically with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), focusing on weather and satellites. She served as a senior analyst for the U.S. government for 18 years. In her early career, she was a dialysis technician.

Over the years, she transitioned her roles within the NOAA, taking on responsibilities as a Program Analyst. During her tenure, she ventured into research, where she became involved in projects related to NOAA’s ships and aircraft. It was during these assignments that Senita developed a keen interest in project management.

With her newfound expertise in project management, financial acumen, and leadership skills, Senita Hill made the courageous decision to initiate POPi in 2021. Her non-profit respite care was born from the desire to provide essential support to the woman diagnosed with cancer.

Senita’s remarkable career has taken her through various roles, where she honed her organizational and communication skills. Her extensive experience in both private and government service and her profound passion for making a difference in her community has driven her to create a non-profit that exemplifies her unwavering commitment to helping others. Senita Hill’s story is one of dedication, compassion, and a resolute pursuit of her mission to provide a nurturing space that inspires hope, empowerment, peace, and enlightenment for women diagnosed with life-leveling cancer.