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Welcome to Peace on Patuxent, Inc.

Discover Serenity and Support on Your Journey Through Cancer.

Peace on Patuxent stands as a serene sanctuary, dedicated to providing robust support for women navigating the complexities of a cancer diagnosis.


our unique offerings

Comprehensive Holistic Support:

At Peace on Patuxent, we understand the importance of holistic care. Our tranquil haven offers an array of services tailored exclusively to women, and all at no cost to them.

Two-Night Retreats:

Seeking respite from the demands of cancer treatment? Our two-night stays provide a tranquil escape where guests can find solace and rejuvenation amidst challenging times.

Day Retreat Services:

For those seeking a brief reprieve, our day retreat services are designed to complement and enhance well-being. From morning until evening, guests can indulge in activities tailored to nurture mind, body, and spirit.

Experience Our Nurturing Space:

Step into our nurturing environment, where hope, empowerment, peace, and fellowship flourish. Take a glimpse into our tranquil haven through the short video below.

Retreat Activities

Embrace a Variety of Healing Practices. Our comprehensive services encompass a range of healing modalities.

    Mindfulness Practices

    Foster a deeper connection with the present moment through mindfulness techniques.


    Cultivate inner strength and flexibility through guided yoga sessions tailored to individual needs.


    Creative Writing & Reading

    Explore self-expression and healing through the art of creative writing and reading.

    Tea Ceremonies

    Tea Ceremonies: Savor moments of tranquility as you enjoy tea amidst the beauty of our serene garden.


    Find stillness and clarity amidst life’s challenges with our meditation practices.


    Stretching: Rejuvenate your body and release tension through gentle stretching exercises.