Peace on Patuxent – Providing Respite and Holistic Support to Women Diagnosed with Cancer


Peace on Patuxent – The Vision: To provide a sanctuary that allows the woman diagnosed with cancer to decompress and recalibrate herself.


Peace on Patuxent is an established non-profit respite home, with a dedicated mission to provide holistic support to women diagnosed with life-leveling cancers. The organization’s commitment is to provide a nurturing space that inspires hope, empowerment, peace, and enlightenment for women facing these challenging circumstances.


  • Compassion: We approach our guests with empathy, understanding, and kindness.
  • Support: We support women diagnosed in their inward focus for healing and restoration
  • Inclusivity: We provide support to all women battling life-altering cancers, regardless of their background.
  • Community: We foster a supportive community where women can connect and share their experiences.
  • Transparency: We maintain open communication with our supporters, donors, and beneficiaries.

Unique Offering:

No-Cost Holistic Support:

Peace on Patuxent provides a tranquil place of restoration where the focus is solely on the woman, offering a wide range of services at no cost.

Two-Night Stays:

We offer two-night stays for guests seeking respite and rejuvenation from the challenges of cancer treatment.

Day Retreat Services:

Our guests can enjoy day retreat services designed to compliment their well-being.

Community Impact:

  • Enabling Decompression: We empower women to decompress and recalibrate themselves, allowing them to focus on self-care during their challenging journey. 
  • Empowering Women: We prioritize the well-being of female cancer patients, providing a nurturing space that inspires hope and enlightenment while they focus on self-care.
  • Providing Accommodation: Peace on Patuxent offers an accommodation devoid of expectations and demands, affirming that SHE matters.
  • Building a Supportive Community: Providing a space that allows women to benefit from the company of others who are navigating their way through a cancer diagnosis, creating a supportive network.

Why We Need $100,000:

  • To establish and maintain a serene and fully-equipped respite home.
  • To expand our reach and impact more women in need.
  • To cover operational expenses, ensuring all services remain free of charge.

Fundraising Goal:

We are seeking to raise $100,000 to support the development and operation of Peace on Patuxent. Your contribution will directly impact the lives of women battling cancer, allowing them to find hope, peace, and empowerment on their journey.

Giving Options

Hope Giver - $650

  • Sponsor a day spa experience for two-guests

  • A heartfelt thank you note from a guest.

Peace Sponsor - $1300

  • Sponsor a day spa experience for four- guest

  • A personalized certificate of appreciation.

Empowerment Advocate - $2700

  • Support a guest’s two-night stay at Peace on Patuxent.
  • Personalized thank you card and guest update.

Transformation Champion - $3000

  • Cover the cost of holistic support for a guest.
  • Personalized thank you card and guest update.
  • Recognition on our website as a transformation champion.

Life Changer - $3,500

  • Sponsor a two-night stay for one- guest, and  plus day spa experience for two-guest.
  • Personalized thank you card and guest update
  • Personalized plaque recognizing your contribution at Peace on Patuxent.

Beacon of Hope - $6,000

  • Sponsor a two-night stay for two- guest
  • Personalized plaque recognizing your contribution at Peace on Patuxent.

  • VIP tour of Peace on Patuxent with a special lunch.

Founders' Circle - $10,000

  • Help establish and maintain our respite home.
  • Exclusive invitation to our annual Founders’ Circle event.

Join us in making a difference in the lives of these brave women.