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To provide a sanctuary that allows the woman diagnosed with cancer to decompress and recalibrate herself.


our mission

To provide holistic support to women diagnosed with life-leveling cancers. We provide a nurturing space that inspires hope, empowerment,  peace, and enlightenment for women facing these challenging circumstances.


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The Journey to POPi

In the summer of 2001, Senita had just completed her annual physical and lab work for the third time. That’s when a phone call from her doctor’s office changed everything. They instructed her to schedule an immediate appointment with a hematologist, a specialist in blood-related issues, who turned out to be an oncologist.

As time passed and numerous tests were conducted, Senita was diagnosed with Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance (MGUS). This condition involved an abnormal protein in her blood, which could potentially lead to either leukemia or multiple myeloma. Although it was asymptomatic at the time and didn’t require chemotherapy or radiation, it did necessitate biannual evaluations. Thus began her journey.

In 2006, Senita and her best friend, Annette, decided to combine their resources to purchase a spacious family home. Shortly thereafter, Senita’s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Then came a day when Senita and her mother both had an appointment with the same doctor. Senita’s focus shifted to caring for her mother, while Annette took on the responsibility of creating a stable environment for Senita and her young children during these challenging times.

Senita started seeking support from local organizations and caregiver resources, including in-home hospice, the American Lung Association, and Gilda’s Place, known as the Wellness Center. Her mother, due to mental and physical limitations, couldn’t access many of these services. Still, she found solace in Senita’s Patuxent Road home, where she could quietly meditate and reflect in the garden. Senita, on the other hand, connected with various caregiver resources until her mother succumbed to her illness in the fall of 2007.

In the fall of 2008, Annette began experiencing persistent coughs and headaches. By January 2009, her headaches had become unbearable. After extensive testing, Annette was diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread to her brain. Sadly, she passed away in August 2009.

Devastated by the loss of her best friend, Senita became an advocate for women with lung cancer. She dedicated herself to fundraising for the Wellness Center, participating in events like the “Rock ‘n Roll” 5k Run Marathon with the American Lung Association. She spoke out, raised funds, and served as a Lung Force Hero.

Today, even as Senita continues to be monitored for MGUS, she believes there is more that can be offered to the community of women battling cancer. Her personal experiences with her mother and Annette showed her that both sought a place of peace, a sanctuary for mind and spirit. Inspired by these insights, Senita transformed the Patuxent Road home she had purchased with Annette into “Peace on Patuxent,” a haven of tranquility and rejuvenation for women diagnosed with cancer.

founder’s bio

senita M. hill

Senita M. Hill is the accomplished Founder and CEO of Peace on Patuxent Inc. (POPi), a distinguished non-profit organization specializing in respite care. Her journey as a dedicated public servant and her passion for helping others led her to establish this remarkable initiative while continuing to serve in the government. 





What Our Clients Are Saying

Cancer is… mentally and physically draining. Having a place and the space to begin healing is essential…

Peace on the Patuxent (is) a terrific idea- a place and space that energizes, empowers and soothes women’s minds, bodies and spirits.”

Stephanie Carter Davis

Board Member, Peace on Patuxent, Inc.

Pauline Jefferson stayed at (POPi) while recuperating from a double mastectomy.“During this critical time  of my life, I am grateful to have such an amazing, peaceful place to visit. (POPi) is a much-needed retreat for women diagnosed with cancer.”

Pauline Jefferson

Board Member, Peace on Patuxent, Inc.

Women diagnosed with cancer in 2021 in DMV area

POPi is 100% the only of its kind in the DMV area, focused on nurturing diagnosed women.

nearest respite retreat is 200+ miles away in NJ.

POPi will remedy a critical deficit in services for women with cancer in the DMV area.

Filling a Critical Need in the Baltimore/DC areas.

Location: Laurel, MD