Peace On Patuxent, Inc is a no-cost respite home and day retreat established for women fighting life-leveling cancers.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing space that inspires hope, empowerment, peace and enlightenment.



Services offered are designed to foster well-being and centeredness. They include counseling, expressive writing, guided meditation, nutritional education, yoga and more. The home also features a meditation library and a meditation garden.


Peace on Patuxent is for adult women diagnosed with cancer for two years post-diagnoses, or who actively receiving treatment. There are no ethnic, income or educational requirements. Priority will be granted to women who reside in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area.



Peace on Patuxent overnight guests will enjoy a two-night stay in a private bedroom. Accommodations, meals (breakfast and lunch) and services are free. Guests are responsible for their own dinner. Day spa guests will enjoy access to the home and the garden, as well as scheduled activities, including a complimentary lunch.

Respite Care By The #'s


Cancer survivors to increase by 24.4%, to 22.5M, by 2032.


Women with cancer who are also primary caregivers.


90% benefit from company while navigating cancer.

Over 58% of women with cancer are also primary caregivers.

Many women undergoing cancer treatment are also primary caregivers.

We offer a tranquil place of restoration in which the focus is solely on the woman.

Survivors to increase by 24.4%, to 22.5M, by 2032.

At Peace on Patuxent, Inc. we offer our services to women with any type of cancer.

We provide quality services that allow women to focus on their own self-care in a peaceful setting.

90% benefit from company while navigating cancer.

We enable our guests to decompress & recalibrate, providing a space devoid of expectations and demands- affirming that SHE matters. 

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